Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Let me start with I'm sorry!!!! It's been too long since I posted last. And on top of my first sorry, let me personally add my dearest apologies to Ali :) Because I told her I would. So, let's start post number 7 shall we?

Beauty: The qualities that give pleasure to the senses.
   This is such a precious word to me. A simple mixture of letters that create a simple sound to roll off my lips.......that I use to describe things most dear to me. When somebody calls me beautiful, it leaves a subtle imprint. A slight indentation that I carry with me, that makes me feel as though I have worth. Beauty is not skin deep, don't get confused. When someone tells me I have a beautiful heart, it forms a sense of comfort and accomplishment, that I am becoming more like my Father.
      My love for my Jesus overflows into the way I see everything. Beautiful things are all around me! The soft whispers of a breeze to cool your skin. The look of safety in a daughter's eyes as her daddy wraps her in a big, warm hug. The way water becomes locked into sweet pockets that we call fruit. The way soft sunshine illuminates a puddle. The unison and grace of piano accompanied by a violin. A child praying. The delicious scent of violets on a cool, summer evening. The helping hand of a stranger. Family. Oxygen. Hair. Kisses. Laughter. Love.....worship....
   Worship is one of the most beautiful things to me. Oh, how I long for the moments to worship my beautiful Jesus. The serenity of the sanctuary, filled with hearts and spirits who gather together to praise their King. The melodies of the instruments, the soft symphony of tongues. Hands tenderly raised in sweet surrender. The gentle flow of the spirit of God, dancing through the air, settling on everyone like a lullaby, covering us in dew.
  It's almost magical when you look at life with beauty in mind. When you look past the outward appearance, and see something genuine and beautiful. Something so normal and simple becomes something you can treasure. Do you take time to look at your life, the people and things in it, and find something beautiful? What is beauty to you?

Psalms 96:6- Royal splendor radiates from Him; a powerful beauty sets him appart.
Psalms 71:8- Just as each day brims with your beauty, my mouth brims with praise.

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