Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3: Rest.

Hello dear friends!

I almost- almost- didn't post something today. You see, I was quite busy on this beautiful winter day with a close friend ( love you Kayla!) and then I spent half the day at the church. I just got home not too long ago, and as I began to wash my face and then brush my teeth, it dawned on me.

I need to post something. I challenged myself, and I shall succeed!

What do you desire?

How ironic. The night that I just about fail my own challenge because I've been so busy, and this amazing blog-idea-generator asks me what I desire. Well, to be 100% honest, at this very moment in time, I have nothing of great excitement to share with you. So sad, I know. So, here is the answer to that question:

I desire Sleep.

Well, there ya have it folks! The button must have known that I was tired and kinda didn't want to spend too much time writing a blog post. But, perhaps the button was offended? Maybe some evil plan, or shall I say desire, to ruin my entire life was cooking inside the button's heart. It knew that I would have nothing of importance to write on a question like that, and pretty soon all 9 followers will un-follow me and then Ill be all alone, end up hopeless and irritated.... and just like that Ill be an obese cab driver in southwest Chicago. 

Thanks a lot you dumb button.

Hmmm, must I really give you a challenge? I probably should, huh? Well, here you go: My heartfelt challenge to you today, is to give yourself some rest. Life can become busy, overwhelming, too exciting, or just plain stressful, and each and every one of us needs rest. Did you know that God rested? In fact, he created rest. Don't get so caught up in life that you can't just sit down and enjoy some fresh air. If you don't have some fresh air available to you, go stick your face in the freezer- it always makes me feel fresh.  

I'm going to bed.


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