Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 7: Persistence.

Oh my goodness! I made it to my final day of my week-long-posting challenge. I get an A! I'm actually pretty happy about the fact that I have been blogging daily for a whole week. Yea, yea, I know its not that long, but hey, I'm pretty darn proud of myself. But what is even more exciting, is the fact that now I have finished this challenge, I am going to see if I can not only get through one whole week- but now I'm going to try two! So lets see if I can do two whole weeks in a row?

What shall the grand button have in store for me today? I guess we'll find out soon, huh? Wee!

Children are...

Inspiring. They truly are. Wow, actually, today is a great day to be asked that question. You see, I was able to spend a wonderful day with a group of friends. Time well spent I must say. Anyways, my good friend Rachel had a little sister who wanted to hang around with the 'older girls'. She would show off all sorts of things she had. She would prance around in her back pack while she held tightly and quite proudly onto her stuffed cat. She would come up the stairs quite loudly and barge into Rachel's room where we were all hanging, and she would say something barely understandable, for she is pretty young, and then she would end her sentence with a loud exclamation point rolling out her little mouth. And then, as if her whole world was crashing down around her, she would mope out the door when Rachel would tell her to leave us alone. Yea, I have to admit, the little rascal was being kinda funny, but part of me felt bad for her. I remember growing up and always having 'older friends'. I used to think I was so cool when I would hang out with certain people. But sadly, whenever my little sister was around I would honestly treat her so incredibly mean. I wouldn't let her 'hang out' with the big girls. Okay, so I was like 8, but in my silly little mind, I was pretty awesome when I had my cool friends with me. But I remember later on in life, when my mom got remarried and I gained a new big sister, the roles switched. She wasn't around much since she didn't live with us, but her and her friends, cousin or boyfriend would be going to do something and even though she was so very nice about it, I was so hurt and sad that I couldn't go with them. I would try to figure out why i wasn't good enough to hang out with her and the cool kids. This caused me to look at how I treated my sister. Ha, even though my parents had tried to teach this to me uncountable times, it took the experience to finally see it. So, back to the present day, when I was watching the way Rachel's sister was acting, a sudden spark of inspiration fizzed inside of me. You see, the little girl would get rejected in front of us all, and not even 5 minutes later she was at it again. Some may just see this as annoying, but I saw it a little differently. She didn't care that all of us laughed and giggled to ourselves when she would say something incomprehensible. She didn't give up and put herself down when Rachel literally pushed her out of the room. Granted, later in the day she got pretty mad and threw a little fit, but barely 10 minutes went by and she continued to ask us if she could hang out with us.
  This for whatever reason really inspired me to look at how I handle those kinds of situations in my own life. When I really want something, when I just want to accomplish something, do I easily give up? If I was to try to fit in amongst a group of lets say, very intellectual, very good looking people, and then I got ridiculed and made fun of, would I actually try to go back? No, I would beat myself up over it and try to stay clear of them because I was embarrassed. I think this kind of thing applies to many areas in our lives. I mean, I'll speak for myself. But really, if I try really hard at something only to get made fun of, or even corrected, I sometimes get embarrassed and then I quit. When I'm trying so hard to do something right in my life, or to fix something and then I fail, I just beat myself over the head with it. Some major honesty here: sometimes I feel like I'm really making progress by getting close in my relationship with God, and then a month later I'm right back where I started, or so it seems. And then instead of pressing forward and continuing to pursue God, I get discouraged and I feel like a failure.
  I want to be like the little girl I saw today. No, I don't mean that I'm going to interrupt groups of people randomly while I squeeze the fluff out of an animal and mutter an unknown language. But when I come against a challenge, a task, a relationship, or whatever it may be, I want to be humble. I don't want to feel so ashamed, so embarrassed and like such a failure that I cant set aside my pride and get back up those stairs and barge into that room full of girls. I want to set my hearts desires and goals on the things that God has for me and I want to pursue those things to the point where nothing can hold me back. I want to be at the point where no matter what I go through, what I come against, how ridiculed i feel by the world around me, I can get back up and keep charging forward. I want to be like that child who without knowing it, truly inspired me today.

I guess you can probably guess what I am going to challenge you to do. But read on if you are still curious. Taylor is challenging you to get back up. When you are faced with things that may hurt you, that may make you feel stupid and crazy, or even like a loser, push those things aside and set your eyes on whats at the top of those stairs. Look to the Father who created you for a purpose, who will stand by your side and strengthen you in your time of need when you are persistently pursuing His plan for your life. Humble yourself and lay down the pride so many of us are diseased with. The world may mock you and make you feel as though your dreams aren't worth it. But just as a child can easily get back up, we should do the same. Go ahead! Hold on tightly to God as she did her stuffed cat, equip yourself with a backpack of encouragement and protection, and barge right back in there and pursue your dreams.


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