Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 4: Warmth.

Good evening! Or morning, or afternoon, or deep in the night if that is the time you are reading this...

I just finished up yet another math assignment- whoopee! I gotta tell you, I have been working on piles of math the last few weeks. I mean, I'm seeing numbers in my dreams, and inequalities and functions are oozing out my ears! Not literally, but I have been doing quite the load of math homework. Honestly, I forgot I had other subjects. Yes, it was that bad.
Anyways! In the midst of such an exciting day of homework, I remembered this little world I call my blog. And yes, I shall post my fourth post in a row! Good job Tay. Thank you (:

One, two three!

The weather today makes me feel...

Galvanized! Oh my goodness, the sun was finally out so that I could feel actual warmth on my skin. The sky was such a beautiful, crisp winter blue and the fog that has been plaguing us generously rolled to the side so we could all have a peek at some happy weather. Oh my! It made me feel a little happier to walk to the mailbox ( all the way... across the street. Haha). It made me feel so excited for spring time! I am so truly thrilled for spring to arrive. The new little lives being born, the green resting places for morning dew, the smell of fresh rain. Hahhh, the weather made me very happy I must say.

Challenge? Hmm, my challenge to you today, is to go make yourself something you enjoy. Make a hot cup of tea, a peanut butter and honey sandwich, or how about you pull out that half-full tub of ice cream you would normally feel guilty about eating. Maybe you aren't hungry, or thirsty? Well then go do something peaceful you enjoy. Go read a good book, one that makes you day dream. Go take a soft walk if its pretty outside. Just do something that makes your heart sing. Do something that doesn't require too much energy. Just be happy and enjoy the life that God has given you! Meditate on all the things you are thankful for. Even the person who's life seems to be absolutely terrible has something to be thankful for. Let the joy of life warm you as the sunshine did to my skin and be happy.

Mmm, thank you Lord for the sunshine....

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